From today there’s a new category in the navigation bar of Writing Slowly.

Atomic Notes’ now shows all posts about making notes.

How to make effective notes is a long-standing obsession of mine, but this new category was inspired by Bob Doto, who has his own fantastic resource page: All things Zettelkasten.

Atomic Notes

The Atomic Notes category is now highlighted on the site navigation bar.

And if you’d like to follow along with your favourite feed reader,there’s also a dedicated RSS feed (in addition to the more general whole-site feed).1

But if there’s a particular key-word you’re looking for here at Writing Slowly, you can use the built-in search.

And if you prefer completely random discovery, the site’s lucky dip feature has you covered.

Connect with me on or on Mastodon. And on Reddit, I’m - you guessed it - @atomicnotes.

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  1. If you’re not sure what website feeds are, see IndieWeb: feed reader and how to use RSS feeds↩︎