📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 29: “slice”

One of our local bakeries does a quite decent seeded whole meal Viennese style loaf - although you do have to slice it yourself.

A wholemeal loaf on a bread board with a small potted rosemary plant behind. The loaf has a couple of slices already made.

📷🚲Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 28: “prompt”

I like to keep this old prompt front-of-mind: “simplicity is the key…”

A 1940s poster of a bicycle light dynamo set, with the caption, "simplicity is the key to successful living".

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 27: “support”

Sydney has many more bridges than just the famous Harbour Bridge. This bridge across the George’s River evidently needs (and gets) a lot of support.

A view of the road bridge at the mouth of the Georges River in southern Sydney, showing many support pillars.

📷 Day 26 of the Micro.blog March Photoblogging Challenge. The prompt is ‘instrument’. This small picture was a gift from a friend long ago.

A drawing of a guitar.

📷 🌮Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 25: “spice”

When I searched my photographs for “spice”, this is what it found: a spice cupboard for robots. I guess.🤔🤖

A black and white image of a set of shelves with jars of screws, nuts and bolts.

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 24: “court”.

Walking through the parks near my house just before dusk. There’s a whole heap of netball courts, maybe 20, recently resurfaced

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 23:”chance”

Twelve green six-sided dice on a wooden surface.

📷 🐝Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 22: “insect”

Just in time for a photograph, this native bee flew into the kitchen. There’s 1,700 species of bees in Australia.

Aclose up shot of anAustralian native bee on a wall.

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 21: “tiny”

A newborn chick, with unhatched eggs behind.

📷🪴Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 20: “houseplant”

In hot weather, spraying the leaves of this umbrella plant creates a noticeable cooling effect.

A rosette of umbrella plant leaves in close-up, with water droplets on each leaf.

📷 🗂️🗃️Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 19: “analogue”

A card index box, or Zettelkasten. In Australia, these are called system cards.

How’s your coffee art these days? I predict big improvements for my game. ☕️

A mug of coffee viewed from above. The milk has been poured inexpertly in blobs.

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 18: “portico”

When it comes to fancy architecture, nothing beats the Australian vernacular style.

An Australian tin shed with a portico, complete with hammock.

A gift from my son: three intriguing books for my to-read pile (which never seems to get any smaller)! 📚

A small pile of three books on a wooden table.

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 17: “early”. Cloud on the headland, slow to clear.

A view over the sea of a distant headland, topped with a thick white cloud.

📷 🚴Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 16: “road”

Came across a surprising sign on a cycling tour of Argyll: “Unsuitable road for sat-nav users”. Having just cycled the pot-holes, I’d have to agree!

A cyclist on a deeply-rutted rural farm track, approaching a large sign that reads: Unsuitable road for Sat-Nav users.

📷🐈 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 15: “patience”

If you wait long enough, something is bound to turn up.

My abby cat lies in wait in the long grass. Its pose is a bit like that of the Sphynx.

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 14: “horizon”

Mysterious Lake George. The windfarm on the horizon powers Sydney’s water desalination plant.

Lake George, Australia, with cattle grazing in the foreground and a windfarm on distant hills at the horizon.

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 12: “shiny”

It’s often very bright at my local surf beach. Sometimes makes me think I’m not wearing sunglasses.

The morning sun reflects on the ocean, viewed through the pillars of Maroubra surf lifesaving club.

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 13: “connection”

At work I’m into connecting people and places. A project I’m proud of is the Greater Sydney Green Grid.

An outdoor sign describing the Sydney Green Grid, with a map of connected parks and open spaces.

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 11: “gimcrack”

The very opposite of gimcrack: a Genroku (1688-1704) period plate from Kyushu Japan, displayed in the National Gallery of Victoria, in Melbourne. I spotted six birds hiding in this design. Are there any more?

A large antique Japanese plate on gallery display. The design includes flowers, birds and clouds.

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 10: “ritual”

My daughter goes surfing almost every day. She’s gradually accumulating more boards.

An open car trunk, barely containing three surfboards.

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 9: “together”
Spotted during my regular bike ride: birds of a feather.

A flotilla of Flying Eleven sailing dinghies, white sails raised, cluster around a sailing club

Micro.blog March Photo Challenge Week 2 Preview

Just thought I’d provide a preview1 of week 2 of the photoblog challenge.

Week 2 prompts: 🗓

We can use a few more suggestions! 💡 Email 1-3 to jean@micro.blog.

  1. OK, day 8 has already been posted. ↩︎

📷 Micro.blog March photo challenge, day 8: ‘Walk

Exploring the mangrove walkway at Buffalo Creek with my friend S. Walking around Sydney is amazing and with advocacy it can become even better. Meanwhile, here’s a trail map.

Rear view of a man walking through a mangrove forest along a wooden boardwalk that snakes into the distance.