📷 Day 28: Community. Spotted at a rally in Sydney: “Let’s dream new blueprints for the world we want to live in…”

A hand-lettered poster at a rally says Let's dream new blueprints for the world we want to live in...

Finished reading: Ian Gentle: The Found Line, edited by David Roach 📚

I’ve posted about this interesting artist previously, because I loved The Gentle Project.

Cover shot of Ian Gentle - The Found LinePhoto of the Australian artist Ian Gentle, from the back cover of the book, Ian Gentle - The Found Line

Finished reading: Always Will Be by Mykaela Saunders 📚

These short stories are set entirely in Australia’s Tweed region, but they range over a vast time-frame: from the more-or-less present to the far distant future. I loved the tough optimism. Always will be Aboriginal land - an ideal sci-fi theme.

A clip of the cover of Always Will Be by Mykaela Saunders

📷 Day 27: it’s always a lovely surprise to receive a bespoke selection of books in the mail, from the Wild Book Box.

A nicely gift-wrapped package of books. The bookmark says 'the wild book box'.

📷 Day 26: critter. It’s a bluebottle, or Portuguese man o’ war. These wash up on the beach, mainly in late Summer and early Autumn.

📷 Day 25: spine. This is ‘Echidna’ by Illawarra artist Ian Gentle.
An artwork made of sticks pointing inwards to form a rectangle. The void in the centre is reminiscent of an echidna

📷 Day 24: light. I took this shot as we saw in the new year on the beach.

A lantern shines on a beach in the dark. Lights shine on the distant shoreline.

📷 Day 23: dreamy. On the weekend I visited White Bay Power Station for the Sydney Biennale. Reopened after 40 years mothballed!

A tall power station chimney, reflected upside down in a puddle.

📷 Day 22: blue. This is the ocean pool at Kiama, NSW.

A rock swimming  pool with the ocean in the background. The water looks very blue.

📷 Day 21: mountain. This is Black Mountain, the unlikely centre of Canberra.

Black Mountain in Canberra, covered in eucalyptus trees, with an iconic communications tower at the top.

📷 Day 20: ice

Memories of Norway.

An orange sledge stands alone in the snow

📷Day 19: birthday

On my birthday this year I visited an exhibition of the artist Louise Bourgeois. She claimed we’re born alone, but it’s the opposite. We’re born quite literally connected to another person.

A man’s shadow on a wall which has a quote by Louise Bourgeois on it.

📷 Day 18: mood

The Blue Mountains, in one of their mysterious moods.

A mist-shrouded pillar of sandstone in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, topped with dense vegetation.

📷 Day 17: transcendence

Rays of sunlight break through clouds over water, with Sydney's Blues Point Tower to the right in the middle distance

📷 Day 16: flâneur

Sunrise at Maroubra Beach, viewed from the pavilion

📷 Day 15: small

A shiny blue beetle with red spots rests on a leafy branch

📷 Day 14: cactus. This is from ‘The Channel Series’, by Karl de Waal, as seen at the Art Gallery of NSW.

A model diorama of a woman looking at a large cactus. It’s an artwork by Karl De Waal.

Finished reading: Orbital by Samantha Harvey 📚

This reads curiously well alongside To be Taught, if Fortunate. Both describe spaceflight in mundane but compelling detail. Harvey is the stronger writer, but Chambers has the stronger story. Both are writing, for want of a better term, space pastoral.

📷 Day 13: page.

Fantastic marginalia on this page of a manuscript at the State Library of Victoria.

A medieval manuscript open to show illuminated lettering and extensive hand-written marginalia

📷 Day 12: magic

Cover of the book, It's not really Magic. Microwave Cooking for Young People