@lmika I love this photo!

@BenjaminHolsteen Ha, The Ship Song. It’s become a choir favourite😆 I’d love a different one myself. Any thoughts?

@BenjaminHolsteen well there’s a saying that all politics is local. You think people care about truth and justice, but mainly they want the drains unblocked. But the article got me thinking of the wins I’ve experienced in my lifetime, not shying away from big-picture activism and audacious goals. The certainty that big changes happen all the time, and that in this context nothing is impossible. I’m not closing that door.

@benwerd Isn't there some 'law' about news headlines that end with a question mark? Like how the answer is always no.

@BenjaminHolsteen Hello, I just saw this and wondered what you thought about whether it's ok to do both - the service and the activism. Also: much respect for your PhD project. We're singing one of his songs at Wylie's Baths at Coogee in Sydney next week. It's now a ritual all choirs have to perform to demonstrate their allegiance to Australia.

@matti Very true. Reminds me of this show we have in Australia that parodies government bureaucracy: Utopia. They're always changing the logo.


@matti I tried a quick reply to your quick note but it quickly got out of hand.


@JohnPhilpin Or $540, or even $542 - who can really say? 😆

@JohnPhilpin thought you meant you were tuning in to Succession for a moment, but then there's a lot more than just two on that show.

@cygnoir Workflowy tells me I've only been using it for 532 weeks. Early days 🤣. Not sure what I'd do without it though.

@jean That surely is a massive coincidence! You can't really say "Small place, the US". Funny how these coincidences happen more often than seems plausible.

@njpozner Yes , reinventing Compuserve badly is an iron law of Internet physics 😆

@jean We had that colour as a ‘feature wall’ in our last rental place too. The owner was happy for us to repaint it. Maybe since we didn’t complain that the basement flooded every time it rained 😄

@cygnoir That’s a good idea. I wonder if anyone else would be interested in doing this. I’m committed to what I’m reading right now but could bump this to the top of my reading pile.

@cygnoir thanks. I’ll just get the book and start from there.

@cygnoir thanks - that’s a great recommendation. Do you have a view on the workbook?

@Miraz I really liked this movie too 😁. But felt like I was waiting for something to happen that never did. And it took me ages to decide whether I liked it or not, But it was like experiencing a remaking of what's possible in cinema. Time and memory reconfigured. Or something.

@AndyNicolaides it took me ages to sign up for the paid version, but since I did, there’s no looking back. I’m an advocate of the open Web as the social network, and this is a good version of that.

@SamHawken Yes, the panic is silly. I notice that though computers have been able to beat humans at chess, that’s not the end game. Now there’s a whole new generation of chess fanatics, strongly enabled by online chess.

@gregmoore this is very interesting. Puts a new spin on the category ‘power tools’. Yes, the purpose of a tool is to help you help someone.

@vazquez I’m on the ‘useful tool’ side of the debate, if only because I still haven’t forgiven the maths teachers for taking my pocket calculator from me at test time.

@Annie I'd forgotten about that album. So good.

@Denny "My platform of choice for discovery and learning has been around for a bit, it's the internet." Me too. In the early 1990s Compuserve tried to pretend the Web didn't exist and that there was only Compuserve forums. But it was the only commercial Internet provider where I lived, so we had no choice. Ever since, I've looked at 'platforms' through that lens. It's all just corners of the Internet pretending to be the only game in town.

@baldur makes me think of McLuhan's tetrad of media effects: "What does the medium retrieve that had been obsolesced earlier?" Clarkes World might need to resort to the good old postal service.

@vazquez must confess, I usually give up because I’ve forgotten whatever password I would need to post the comment 🫠

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