Micro.blog photo challenge April 2024. Day 3: Card. My daughter made this card for my birthday, to go with a themed collection of sci-fi novels.

    A hand-painted card depicting a planet or moon against a swirling blue-green background.


    πŸ“· Micro.blog photo challenge April 2024. Day 2: Flowers. This extraordinary bunch came our way. What a beautiful gift!

    A bunch of flowers on a wooden surface, with a guitar in the background.


    Updating a Wordpress site this weekend felt like a chore. I really wanted to enjoy it, but the writing interface, with its content blocks, seemed to block the flow. Why is it like this? Feels like the priority is machine convenience, not the human experience. Opinions, anyone?

    The only problem with πŸ“·πŸŽ‰ completing the September 2023 micro.blog photoblog challenge - 30 days of posting photos - is that by the end I kind of felt like I needed a short rest. But with normal service now resuming, I’m writing slowly again!

    A cat lies curled up asleep

    πŸ“·πŸŽ‰ Celebrating the completion of the September 2023 micro.blog photoblog challenge. 30 days of posting photos. I’ve really enjoyed seeing how everyone else interpreted the prompts.

    πŸ“· Day 28: workout (@rom) #mbsept

    It might just work out, but it’ll certainly be a workout.

    A sign in front of a storm channel reads : Warning - do not enter channel. There’s a diagram of a stick figure struggling in rising floodwater.

    πŸ“· Day 27: embrace (Matt, aka @mroutley) #mbsept

    This pub gets a big tick! (It’s obviously the only pub in Bodalla).

    A view of green paddocks and distant forested hills from the verandah of a country pub on the South coast of NSW. A sign reads: Voted best pub in Bodalla. The Australian flag flies above.

    πŸ“· Day 26: beverage (@Annie) #mbsept

    Art at The National Gallery of Victoria: 100 glasses (1991-92).
    glassblower: Michael Hook
    engraver: Perry Fletcher.

    Three hand blown glasses, engraved: yesterday, today,  tomorrow.

    πŸ“· Day 25: flare (Matthew, aka @matt17r) #mbsept
    Sydney’s Darling Harbour may feel like an over-developed tourist trap, but I must admit, sometimes it really comes good.

    πŸ“· Day 24: belt (George, aka @allaboutgeorge) #mbsept

    When we visited CERES in Melbourne, we also walked past this velodrome. 🚲 A bike path that goes on forever!

    An outdoor velodrome in Melbourne, with an expanse of green grass in the foreground. A training cyclist is almost camouflaged by the large sign on the track: BRUNSWICK.

    πŸ“·Day 21: fall #mbsept

    Coat-hanger season might be my favourite time of year.

    Coat-hangers are strewn about the wooden floor, with a rug in the foreground.

    πŸ“·Day 20: disruption #mbsept

    Sometimes you have to protest to stop the disruption.

    “Let’s dream new blueprints for the world we want to live in.” πŸ’¬

    A demonstrator at a Sydney climate change protest holds up a hand-written sign that reads: Let's dream new blueprints for the world we want to live in.

    πŸ“· Day 19: edge #mbsept

    Clear edges at Adelaide’s Himeji Garden.

    A close-up shot of parallel lines raked in the gravel of a Japanese dry garden in Adelaide.

    πŸ“· Day 17: “intense” #mbsept

    πŸ“· Day 16: oof! #mbsept

    πŸ“· Day 14| statue #mbsept

    Food for thought.

    An ancient Greek marble statue of a woman regards a museum sign with a quote from Plato's Republic, which reads: Any city, however small, is in fact divided into two, one the city of the poor, the other of the rich; these are at war with one another.

    As 9/11 is commemorated again it’s worth reflecting on why some people are wary of US foreign policy. This 9/11 is also the 50th anniversary of the Nixon/Kissinger coup in Chile.
    If you think human rights is all ‘liberal crap’, as Nixon did, that right there is why we remain wary.

    β€œΒ‘Nunca mΓ‘s!” πŸ’¬

    πŸ“· Day 13| glowing #mbsept

    Sydney Airport at dusk.

    A photograph of the nose of a jet plane parked at an airport gate. In the background, the sun sets in an orange sky behind city apartment blocks.

    πŸ“· Day 12 | panic #mbsept

    A graffiti art skull painted on a brick building on a headland, with the ocean in the background.

    πŸ“· Day 10 | cycle #mbsept

    I’d like to put an end to these signs. Bike paths should go on forever! 🚲

    A blue and white road sign marks the end of a bicycle path.
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