a three panel comic strip in which Doctor Doom does as he pleases and toots a giant horn

Here are a couple of fun websites that will make Mastodon (and possibly the whole fediverse) even more fun. I know, it hardly seems possible. And if you know of others, please let me know about them too.

Just my toots

Do you sometimes wish you could see all your posts on Mastodon in a long list with no distractions? Of course you do! Every day! That’s why justmytoots.com is here to help. And yes, it shows you just your toots.

For the record, I hate the word ‘toots’.

At least where I live no one thinks of flatulence when they hear it, but still, it somehow manages to sound even more stupid than ‘tweets’, which takes some doing.

Now, above the cacophony of all the tooting I can almost hear you ask, “What’s the alternative?” ‘Posts’, that’s the alternative, and that’s what I’m sticking with. Why not join me, world?

Until then, you can see just my toots at https://justmytoots.com/@writingslowly@aus.social

RSS is dead LOL

Now this one really is cool.

You know how everyone at the Internet always says ‘RSS is dead’, right? It’s so annoying!

But anyway, just type in a fediverse username into rss-is-dead.lol and up pops a list of RSS feeds for that user and every account that account follows.

Its amazing! Nearly everyone I follow has an RSS feed! Wow!

Pretty much proves RSS still ain’t dead. Take that, haters!

Bonus fact: it turns out you can use RSS to ‘boost your productivity’. I don’t know what that phrase means, but it sounds great!

Meanwhile, check out my graph, or whatever you call it, at rss-is-dead.lol.