Since July 2023 BlueSky has apparently learned from Manton Reece and that you can run a sustainable and open social media network with a domain-hosting business model.

Almost learned. There’s a way to go yet, with a big missing owning your content piece.

Meanwhile, cross-posts automatically to BlueSky, so the #Interverse1 is gradually becoming a reality. 😍

“You can automatically cross-post your microblog posts to Medium, Mastodon, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, Bluesky, Nostr, and Pixelfed.” Source

I’m not using BlueSky myself. I really loved Paul Frazee’s work on BeakerBrowser, and it’s great he’s working on BlueSky. That’s very nearly enough to sign me up, but the venture capital vibe still puts me right off. I mean, ultimately it’s all just for the venture fund returns isn’t it?

I’m very happy just owning my content, and sharing it with you myself, with a little help from and Mastodon. So thanks for reading, wherever you read.

  1. an emerging network of federated networks, all interoperable, thereby marginalising the walled garden silos of monopolistic data-extracting megacorps. HT: Paulo Amoroso ↩︎