Learning and sharing, sharing and learning. It’s a virtuous circle. That’s what I learned, and that’s what I’m sharing.

“it’s not about being credentialed or being an expert, it’s about seeing a space open up, starting to do work that needs doing, sharing your ideas, and sticking around long enough so people show up and you can interact with them in a meaningful way and build something lasting.” Austin Kleon

I think there are four levels of expertise, and everyone is potentially standing on one of these four steps:

  • Learn - “Here’s what I’ve learnt.” Curator
  • Share - “Here’s what I’ve found.” Expert
  • Tell - “Here’s what I’ve done.” Mentor
  • Be - “Here’s who I am.” Role model

When someone believes they have no expertise, that doesn’t mean they have nothing useful to say. We often learn best from those who are just one step ahead of us on the learning journey, so telling others, “Here’s what I learned today” may well be really helpful.

photograph of a stone staircase on a forest trail. The steps curve away upwards and are strewn with fallen leaves