An amazing Femi Kuti concert last night. The recordings are great but they don’t do justice to this band in person. The total confidence that everyone in the audience would be dancing and the complete fulfilment of that confidence.

    For two enthralling hours of Afrobeat Femi Kuti gave more energy than all his dancers put together - and they gave a huge amount of energy.

    There was a sax solo from Femi that was completely magical. I wouldn’t previously have called myself a fan but I was completely won over. It was a sublime night. Live music at its absolute best. 🎵

    The Writer’s Journey began as a memo.

    Working at Disney during the 1980s, Christopher Vogler saw senior executives using memos effectively. He wrote one to summarise The Hero with a Thousand Faces, as he was sure Joseph Campbell’s book had inspired George Lucas’s Star Wars. He wrote a 7-page memo that became so popular he expanded it into a book. This became the ‘Bible’ for beginning scriptwriters. He called it a ‘practical guide’, since besides summarising Campbell’s ideas on narrative, he showed how they could be used to write film scripts.

    Question: what else could start with just a memo?

    April already

    📷📚It’s April already. Do the months slip past ever faster?

    Autumn has arrived again and it’s glorious - a limpid blue sky after a weekend wet with rain. Quite different from Summer, when we would push open the rear doors to enjoy the cooling breezes from the coast, and watch dragonflies come and go as they pleased.

    But Autumn is the season when our kitchen comes into its own. Through closed windows the early morning sun warms the room, inviting us to attend, to sit and read. That’s why we’ve moved the rocking chair back to its corner in the light.

    A rocking chair by the windows in the corner of a sunlit room